Writer’s Block Is A Bitch

I’m not very inspired by the inspiration advice given to me by Word Press. Its not their fault I lack the energy to finish my overdue Horrorfest 2013 reviews when its already January 2014, or that I have several other projects that could be updated as well. Yet I don’t feel like doing any of that. Maybe its lack of a new challenge, a need for an editor (no one is lining up for that job because it pays nothing and its too much work), my actual job and life taking me away from the Internet on a regular basis for once. I’m not sure. Hey maybe Word Press did give me something to work with, but its just a meaningless whinny rant about writing. This blog isn’t old enough to be heading in the meta direction already, although the great show Community (well if you only count Seasons 1-3 and from what I hear the start of 5) didn’t waste any time in commenting on itself.

I wonder too if this is related to me curbing my drinking, although since I had a PBR last night and I published plenty of articles while mostly sober over the last couple of months that’s not true, either. Hopefully something appears to me soon as views have dropped off to nothing and I have 38 followers who actually liked my blog for one reason or another. Must give them something to pass over in their follower dashboards as they peruse a more interesting article elsewhere.

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