You Voted For WHO?!

Look I bash Congress and the president on a regular basis. Most people do too. However I think we almost want to forget that George Carlin was right when he stated that bad politicians do not magically appear. We the people have to take responsibility, and since I didn’t vote for Obama in 2012 (I kind of regret not voting third party in 2008) or any of the Congress people who childishly shut down our government I feel not at fault here. Yet there have been times where I have either backed the wrong candidate or grudgingly supported someone who was less crazy than the other person running.

So perhaps I am at fault, too. The solution is to at least try to vote for less awful candidates. But what constitutes such a person? I might have an idea since I am a registered independent that has backed candidates from both parties-and from third parties as well. Ask yourself if the individual you are voting for has not just your best interest at heart but also the best interest of the country. If they are local candidates then its a matter of your town, city,  county or state. The problem with politicians is that they might be beholden to special interests. Often those groups do not care about the common good as a whole. No matter what they tell you otherwise.

Even harder though is finding the time to wade through campaign ads and rhetoric. A candidate’s website often helps outline their positions better. Yet also using the Internet to find out how they voted and what they supported makes it even easier to decide if they are truly worthy of your support. This is very time consuming, however we live in a democracy that is not a so spectator sport. Just because we don’t have to represent ourselves doesn’t mean we should uneducated about the issues. Considering the amount of information we have now its inexcusable to be uninformed these days.


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