Bah Humbug!

The Grinch had a point about X-Mas and the modern-day remake with Jim Carrey missed that point: this holiday sucks now. Kids are too young to realize that the joy of the holiday season has been drained by greedy corporations who don’t care if people die on Black Friday while trying to get an overhyped bargin.

This is all disgusting and sad yet not surprising. The War On Christmas has nothing to do with banning the Little Baby Jesus from appearing in schools. Nope it’s all about how overbearing capitalism ruined a nice and simple tradition. For the almighty profit, of course, the God that they pray to.

If anything we shouldn’t give a shit about the gifts we receive on X-Mas day. I like free stuff as much as everyone else but I don’t think it should come with a hidden price tag attached. Nevermind that Jesus wasn’t really born on this day or that Santa doesn’t actually exist. This should be a time for rejoicing with those who love us.

A time to celebrate and be glad for what we have.    It’s sad that a simple and beautiful message gets lost in the madness but I think that’s what Dr. Sess was trying to tell us all those years ago. The same goes for Charlie Brown, a poor sap mistreated for daring to find out what this day is all about. Lucky for us he believed in that really crappy tree while trying to direct the school play. If you thought that the insanity of the holidays was driving you crazy, at least you don’t have to get a bunch of jazz loving hippie children to act on cue.

No matter what religion you are or what you believe in I think we can all get behind the ideal that the holidays should be about people and not material things. Stuff fades away or breaks; we tire of shiny trinkets. However those we love stay with us no matter what. Such a message is the best gift of all. Well that and an XBOXONE. Kidding. ..


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