Horrorfest 2013 Presents: The Bay (2012, Barry Levinson)

Despite heavy handed narration and some weak acting Barry Levinsons’ first ever horror movie is freaky and disturbing. Slowly unfolding over innocent Fourth of July festivities in a small Maryland town, The Bay works as a found footage movie that gives insight into the terrible events that happened. Lives end up being lost, a cover-up continues and people are left haunted forever.

Oh and this movie is not for the weak of heart. I’ve seen plenty of bloody movies and even that didn’t prepare me for the level of gore found here. Parasites also terrify me so I was terrified for most of the film. I even was fooled by a well placed jump scare in one scene. However the most chilling part was when you couldn’t see anything. You just heard the sounds of the damned and the reactions of two cops faced with a nightmarish situation. The hospital scenes are gory and tragic, illustrating the town’s inability to handle the overwhelming horror of the crisis.

Even though the ending is a bit anticlimactic this is a really good film. Its disgusting and violent but also serves as an outlandish environmental warning. Although I’m not sure the science is plausible enough. Or maybe I’m just hoping something like this could never happen. Um…


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