Horrorfest 2013 Presents: Kill List (2011, Ben Wheatley)

A strong feeling of harsh gloom lingers, as gray clouds overcast the sky. That feeling that something terrible is about to happen enters your mind like a parasite burrowing its way into your brain. There is no escape, only fear and loathing, misery and slow loss of sanity. Strange men have given you and your partner a job-a “Kill List”-which must be completed at all costs. Regret over agreeing to murder for profit again begins to quietly wash over you, damaging the mind and the body. Only when the two of you encounter the truth do you realize the true horror of the situation. Darkness has taken over and revealed to thyself thy true form. Monster is thee.

Sinister purposes, odd symbols and rituals and the thought that none of this makes sense pervade this tale of murder and gore-crimes committed by well dressed men in tailored suits. Is what happens to Jay and Gal fate? Cosmic karma? Even with the final, haunting frame we the viewer are never quite sure. I have questions and I admire the film as it does not give any easy answers. Jay and Gal embody lies that obscure the truth. They pretend to be gentlemen when they are really professional thugs. Jay carries on the false pretense that he is a family man. Its odd and funny how easily we adopt falsehoods, especially when they serve our own twisted ends. Yet we never question the why. Even when its too late and the bloody answer was starring us right in the face.

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