Horrorfest 2013 Presents: The Prophecy II (1998, Greg Spence)

There have been so many horror franchises over the years, with numerous sequels. The Prophecy II is one of them, as someone decided the first film demanded a sequel. Unfortunately this installment, like many other sequels, pales in comparison to the original. Which is too bad since the series has a great mythology and is entertaining despite its fair share of flaws. In this case the second installment feels too random and lacks the sense of purpose plus the atmosphere that made the first film so good.

Gabriel is back-Christopher Walken shows up much earlier this time around and in more dramatic fashion. Continuing to wage his war on humans he targets a young woman played by Jennifer Beals, who has been impregnated by an angel. Apparently the director felt that a sex scene is what the first movie lacked. The good angel (Russell Wong) by the way is bland and dull, lacking the quiet intensity and wariness of the heroic angel from the first movie.

Oh and this film manages to waste Eric Roberts in a pointless role. Thankfully Brittany Murphy keeps this film watchable as does Walken, and Beals isn’t half bad. I did like the bleak humor in this film and the ending was a surprise. I don’t think the movie was a complete waste yet it could have better channeled the B movie spirit of the first film. At least the angel fights were still pretty cool.

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