Memories Can’t Wait

Recently I find myself forgetting passwords. I use way too many sites that require a password and I keep forgetting to write them down even though I really should start doing so. Especially since I recently forgot my voicemail password. Whoops. The mind begins to go sooner or later and I guess my parents use notes and calendars so they can remember key dates and information. I guess I’m at that point in my life where that is a good idea. I’m still a little depressed by thus thought, however its seen as part of growing older.

Memory is a funny thing, particularly since people have their pwn way of recalling events. Facts become distorted; truth suddenly is relative and subject to interpretation. Simply trying to think of what your Gmail password is might be just as tricky as wondering if your recollection of past events is clear. What is even worse is when you think a stranger is a person you know and it turns out they are not. It makes me feel a little haunted and crazy, to say the least. Memories are multiple choice, not a straight line.

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