Friday the 13th Is Just A Day….Right?

On this day, Friday the 13th, we pause to remember the fallen-those who lost their lives at the hands of one individual: Jason Voorhees. The masked murder has been responsible for countless deaths since 1980, and is still rumored to be out in force today. We, the people, those who are lucky or smart enough to have avoided Camp Crystal Lake, need to observe a moment of silence for the fallen. Those poor souls who at times literally slit their own throats, made it easy for Jason to kill them-especially the unlucky campers who should have been going out the door instead of running upstairs. Its not easy to reflect on those we have lost, and after 33 years some of the locals have become numb to the pain, the death and suffering, the carriage.

With this in mind, I actually do not have a complete list of the dead mainly since proper records have been lost, but really mostly because there have just been so many even I’ve lost track. They even say that Jason is still out there, rooming the woods, carving up new victims and stalking his prey ever so carefully. He might even be behind you right now. As for reports that I am following a one Jason L. Voorhees on Twitter, well, um….


*Jumps into car and drives away*




Friday the 13th Warning


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