Fantasy Football Rules

This season I’ve already signed up for two public leagues on However I’m in a third league where I play for money, a big trophy, and bragging rights with friends who I see in the flesh. There is nothing quite like a live draft, full of food, drink, shit talking, and a shared fellowship that is glorious. So against my better judgment I am going to post who I picked during this draft, complete with reasons why. First off it’s a keeper league so even though I got the #1 pick I still had limited options. I did the best I could, maybe, I think….ah hell I don’t know. Plus remember that this league has crazy scoring and that RBs are worth their weight in gold, although most leagues heavily value RBs anyways.


Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

Look I had a choice between him, Matt Forte, and Russell Wilson. I gambled and went with Colin, who I hope doesn’t screw me over and can repeat the magic he had last season. If not well I’m in trouble…


First Pick (technically my second, but still):

Doug Martin, Buccaneers

Unfortunately AP was gone and I didn’t trust Foster to stay healthy. Should I have gone with maybe, say, Alford Morris or Ray Rice? Eh….uh….you are probably right. Yet I stuck with the RB I felt was consistent enough to roll with. We’ll see if this backfires later on or turns out to be a wise choice.


Second Pick:

Eddie Lacy, Packers

Bruiser back who has been tearing it up in preseason, plus most if not all of the truly great backs had been taken at this point. I had the option of either going with someone else and watching as Lacy got taken by another person, leaving me to think “Why did I pass on him?” Look I’m biased here with my Packer fandom but I’ll gamble on someone who could be a reliable stud.


Third Pick:

Lamar Miller, Dolphins:

Someone has to carry the ball for the Dolphins, and Miller was a high risk high reward pick left on the board. If he shines he’s a great flex play, maybe even a possible #2 back. If he fails then I wasted a pick that I should have used on someone else. Not sure about this one, honestly.


Forth Pick:

Andy Dalton, Bengals

Okay so I’ll admit I was drinking at this point. Yet I still for some crazy reason believe that Dalton can fulfill his promise, and he does have two good TE’s and A.J. Green to throw to. Besides I might trade one of my RBs for QB help later in the season, anyways. We’ll see.


Fifth Pick:

DeMarco Murray, Cowboys

Another incredibly risky pick, even though when Murray is healthy the guy is a beast and can break tackles with the best of them. The key word is healthy. I expect the Cowboys to run the ball to try to keep pressure off of Tony Romo, and that was mainly why I went with a guy that I’ll admit I wasn’t 100% sure about. Oh boy.


Sixth Round:

Reggie Wayne, Colts

Look Wayne is the model of consistency, and with WR’s you don’t have to worry as much about their age as you do with QBs and RBs. He connected well with Andrew Luck and I fully expect more of the same, although I am mindful that he could get hurt-yet he has been lucky to play with one HOF QB and one guy who’s the future of the team. In any league though there are always plenty of WRs on the waiver wire.


Seventh Round:

Marques Colston, Saints

With Drew Brees as the QB plus Sean Payton coming back from being suspended I fully expect one of the most consistent WR’s in the league to continue where he left off. This was a safe pick in addition to trying to grab someone many in the league had been looking at.


Eighth Round:

Packers Defense

Unfortunately many of the top defenses were gone at this point, and I wasn’t sure about the other defenses. So I decided to go with the flow and select a unit that I believed in, especially since in this league defenses can score a lot of points. Green Bay made some really good draft choices on defense, and Clay Matthews alone justifies taking them this high.


Ninth Round:

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings

At this point most of the quality TEs had been taken, so I decided to go with a guy that many experts were really certain about. That said what I’ve learned from playing fantasy football since 2003 is that only once has a TE actually helped me win a fantasy league, and even then I didn’t rely on said TE to carry the team. However I had to go with one that would be a well-rounded choice, and Rudolph was the guy.


Tenth Round:

DeSean Jackson, Eagles

By this point most of the high value players were gone, and I figured that since I already had rounded out my squad save for a kicker I could justify a risk there. Jackson could be a sleeper if Chip Kelly turns Michael Vick back into the Vick of 2010-2011, yet I’m not sure if that happens. Still I know that Jackson will get his yards regardless of who is at QB.


Eleventh Round:

 Jordan Cameron, Browns

Look everyone is saying that Cameron will be a surprise stud or something. I just took him because I was worried that someone else would grab him and then be happy when he tore it up. TE’s may be a dime a dozen, sure, yet I draft for depth as much as I do for need and when the talent is available. Just like many GM’s do, for the record.


Twelfth Round:

Brandon Weeden, Browns

Yes I am well aware I took two Browns players back to back, yet both of them are backups and I think at least one of them might pan out. Weeden could be better than people think (the same can be said of the Browns) but if he’s not I’ll just trade for a QB-I did it last season, in fact. For now I’ll have some faith that this wasn’t a wasted pick.


Thirteenth Round:

T.Y. Hilton, Colts

Okay so I went with two Colts WR’s, but can you blame me? If Wayne gets hurt than Hilton’s value rises. Either way I have two guys who are being thrown to by Andrew Luck, one of the best young QBs in the league. Plus HIlton was rock solid last year and could be even better this season. I like this pick better than some of the other ones I made tonight. Really.


Fourteenth Pick:

Steven Hauschka, Seahawks

Look I hate drafting kickers but you have to in any league. I would actually consider joining a league where there are no kickers, but until then I’m stuck cycling through them every week. Since too many good ones were gone by this point I decided to draft Hauschka, who has been a truly high quality kicker in the league. If he sucks I will cut him by Week 2. Either way a fitting end to a draft where I finally got the top pick for the first time ever, and one that was full of awesome. Good times.


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