What’s In a Name?

Once at a dull party without any booze I wandered around talking to people, and in the process I learned and proceeded to forget their names. This offended some, if not all, even though I had just met them and I’m horrible with names. Some may find it awful, yet I think its a tad funny that a person you just met expects you to remember their name. This becomes even more pointless when you realize you are never going to see that person again, or will not talk to them for a long time. An old boss of mine ran into me at work on Tuesday and did not take offense to me not recalling his name, even though he knew mine (although I’m sure my name tag helped him out a little).

Maybe all of us should just wear name tags to make it easier on everyone else, turning the entire world into one big high school reunion party. Of course this isn’t practical, so the next best thing is to attempt to recall the person’s face, and then connect their name to that image. Which doesn’t really work for me, either. I could blame my personality disorder on my problem, however there are plenty of my family members who lack said disorder and have just as much trouble recalling names. Oh I’ve got it: little note cards. That costs money, and it might be even ruder to have to whip one out during a conversation.

Really though I’m probably screwed for the time being. There are periods when even I think I would forget my own name if I didn’t hear it at least a couple of times a day. Repeating names over and over again might be my only way out of this mess. Eh screw that-I still prefer the name tag idea.

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