Take a Trip To Neptune

About two or three years ago I decided to check out what the buzz was all about and rent Veronica Mars on DVD at my local library. It was early that night when I started Season 1, and only a couple weeks-roughly a month or so later about-I had finished all three seasons. Yep its that addictive. Even though I knew that the show had been unfairly canceled, although the third season happened because the creators knew the show was going to be canceled. But hey a movie is being planned and most of the cast is coming back, which is awesome only if the movie does not suck. Man I sure hope it doesn’t. While the entire group is the reason the show works so well, yet the dialogue is its strongest aspect: the one liners are typically fantastic, and the banter is often hilarious.

I’m often in awe of how the show manages to combine the serious with the comedy in addition to it being very film noir oriented. Veronica and her dad Keith were once at the top of the social ladder until Keith is fired from his job as sheriff and Veronica’s drunken mom takes off. That’s without mentioning that Veronica is raped at a party she goes to after her friend is murdered. It doesn’t get more film noir than that, especially since Keith and Veronica run a detective agency while Veronica deals with the everyday troubles of being a teenager in high school. That’s coupled with the cases Veronica solves, even though Keith wants her to try and live a normal life despite Veronica being obsessed with solving her friend’s murder at all costs. Season 1 deals with that in excellent fashion, but its really Season 2 that is the best season, largely because the stakes are much higher and we actually see more repercussions of Keith and Veronica’s investigations and how they pry into other people’s lives.

What also flows throughout the entire show is her off and on romance with Logan, who starts out as the show’s bad boy and later over protective lover of Veronica, who is my favorite character on the show and is one of its best characters. Well until Season 3-but more on that later. Veronica’s best friend, Wallace is also really fantastic, especially since he often aids Veronica on her investigations and gets her out of trouble as much as she also helps him out. The show really only has one other consistent female character though out its run in Mac, who is wonderful and really funny. However in the end this show goes to really dark places, and can be at times absolutely brutal with twists and turns. Which the third season lacked, among other things, unfortunately. Oh and Season 2 has some episodes that are really suspenseful and exciting to watch.

Ah yes Season 3. Most fans don’t like it, but I still think that Season 3 is good overall. The show’s creators knew that Veronica Mars was going to be canceled, so they desperately tried to stop that from happening by changing some of the format and introducing new characters that were lame. However I did love some of the story lines, mostly the one that offered a conclusion to the rapist that was threatening a local collage campus. Too bad that they also completely ruined Logan for an entire season too, instead of trying to go all out and make the last season just as excellent as the other two. This does not change the fact that Veronica Mars is a great show, one that people should check out.

Just look at those gifs. I can’t even post all of the super quotes that have entertained me throughout the show’s run. In fact that would take up at least five more blog posts. Also I wonder how things would have turned out if Veronica Mars had continued to run on for a couple more seasons. I did have a future version planned out, but I’m sure the movie will come up with something good. Right? RIGHT? It better. Thanks to Kickstarter. Wahoo.

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