The Godfather stopped by the Pizza Hunt on his way to the Pizza Ranch while passing Pappa Johns

Mmm, pizza. So many different wonderful varieties all to choose from. Yet not all pizza places are made equal: there are varying degrees pizza joints-awful, mediocre, good, and the rare great ones. Tomaso’s in my local area is the best one I’ve been to, especially because they have Chicago, Detroit, and New York styles of pizza. Since I’m stuck in Iowa its great to have a classic style pizzeria that features those choices. Last time I was at one, I sat with my buddy and drank a pitcher of Blue Moon while waiting for our delicious pepperoni Chicago deep dish pizza. So damn good.

Pizza Hut and Godfathers are the best of the mainstream chains where I live, even though they’re second rate compared to an actual good local spot. I have smashed Pizza Hut’s buffet way too many times to count, and Godfather’s meat lovers with thick crust is so amazingly thick and heavy that I can only eat a couple of slices. We have a Papa Johns but I don’t care for their pizza, and Papa Murphy’s is alright if you don’t mind having to cook a pizza yourself. If I have to cook a frozen pizza I’d rather just buy one at a local grocery store as they’re much cheaper.

Of course there are gas stations with pizza, and Casey’s has some decent ones even though I’m not a huge fan, either. We do have a Zoey’s in Marion which is a local joint, but I’m not as big a fan of them as I used to be. Still I’d rather eat there than at most of the chains, especially Pizza Ranch which is stunningly mediocre at best. Little Caesar’s does have cheap large pizzas, sure; if you don’t mind exchanging quality and taste for $5.00, I guess. I don’t even care about Domino’s, who long ago stopped being an option, and Happy Joe’s just isn’t what it used to be.

Having actually eaten at a great local pizza place in Chicago I know that the ones here don’t quite measure up to having true authentically made pizza-yet being stuck in Iowa I take what I can get. Maybe down the road I’ll try pizza places in different major cities and comment on which ones were the best. That would be nice.

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