Followup: The Aaron Hernandez Story

Well on June 22 I made a blog post about one Aaron Hernandez. Little did I know that he would be accused of first degree murder, and that apparently he is suspected of committing more than one murder. Actually he is suspected of a double homicide in addition to the suspicious death of a room mate when he was a player at the University of Florida. Holy crap. So really what was originally a case where an NFL player was originally accused of gun charges and obstruction of justice has turned into a full blown murder trial. Whoa.

If you thought that previous trials involving athletes was compelling television, well I think this one has them beat save for perhaps the O.J. Simpson trial. And hey O.J. was accused of merely a double homicide, not the killing of three, four, possibly even more people. Hernandez probably does not have a dream team of attorneys to get him off, and his mug shot literally made everyone think “Thug Life.” I can’t believe how fascinating in a horrible way this case is, or that I’m actually responding with a blog post that is a cousin to the previous entry I made merely a week ago.

Now is the man guilty? All evidence points to Aaron Hernandez being absolutely guilty of at least something, and that something is more than likely murder or at least aiding in the killing of a man or multiple persons. That’s really messed up and shocking. I can’t remember any pro athlete standing trial for being a mass murder, which makes this case unprecedented really. It also makes me wonder if there were others who committed such crimes and got away with it. I doubt we will ever know for certain, however if Aaron is found somehow innocent I do know this much: the Bengals and the Raiders will sadly offer him a spot on their rosters. Actually the Raiders seem to be shaping up so the Bengals is the most likely spot. Well there is still the Cowboys, with their sad ugly history….


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