Its All About The Hair, Man

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough.”
-Larry David

Even though most women love a man with a full head of hair I’ve noticed that buzz cuts seem to be really in lately: from James Bond (Daniel Craig sported the short look in Skyfall) to Jack Bauer in the last 4 seasons of 24 and Anderson Cooper on CNN. It seems to be a more popular look, and maybe while bald isn’t seen as awful its clear that the hippie look went out of style in the late 1970s. I’ll admit I’m going bald myself; a few more years and I’ll be the AngryBaldingReadHead86 instead of merely the AngryRedHead86 on Twitter. Comb overs have never been popular or hip, so I try and keep my hair short as possible without completely shaving everything off.

Going bald runs in my family unfortunately, as my dad has been going bald for years and I have an uncle who looks like Mr. Clean. Of course my grandfather has had the small full head of hair his entire life, and I’m a bit jealous and also in awe of that at the same time. I can’t bitch too much in the end because I’m too lazy to get Rogaine and I can’t afford the hair cures on those late night infomercials. Apparently going gray early is just as bad or maybe even worse as losing one’s hair at an earlier age. I pity those who are going gray and losing their hair at the same time while still in, oh, their 30s, because that’s just a double whammy. And its even worse for women who are going bald, as most men prefer women with gorgeous long flowing locks.

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