White Bronco Legacy and Aaron Hernandez

Back in 1994 I was viewing the NBA Finals when breaking news interrupted, telling everyone that O.J. Simpson had decided to run instead of surrendering to the police. His vehicle of choice was a famous white Bronco, and the cameras followed it up to the dramatic conclusion, where O.J. finally gave himself up. I think of that also because athletes getting into trouble with the law still happens, and its happened recently with one Aaron Hernandez, the TE for the New England Patriots. I don’t know if he is guilty of murder, but he is suspected of obstructing evidence, which is still a crime last time the law and myself checked.

This brings to mind the sad multiple stories of athletes who got in trouble with the law and threw their lives away for rather stupid reasons. Its a rather long list, and while some of them managed to get off rather easy or not face any jail time us “Regular Folks” ponder why someone with money, fame, and a great job would risk all of that for nothing and in the process destroy everything they had already built. Perhaps its arrogance or hubris, the idea that they are famous and so their lawyers will always bail them out-and there is sad precedent for thinking that way.

Yet considering that so many of these players have families and people who love them, some who are dependent on them, its tragic and odd that some of these athletes engage in risky and stupid behavior. I do hope that whatever the outcome Hernandez’s tale serves as a cautionary lesson to players and even non-athletes. With that in mind, I’ll unfortunately be expecting the next case involving a star athlete or celebrity to happen fairly soon. Probably by tomorrow.


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