As many others do, I consider myself pretty lucky to have a relationship with my dad that is good and healthy. He’s one of the people I look up to, and even though I’ve screwed up before in my life way too many times he’s still been there to help me out. So Father’s Day is a tad special to me, even though there have been Father’s Days when I haven’t had money for a present. Really he’s not big on gifts, and whatever you give him he’ll happily take at this point since he’s older and that’s how older people view gift receiving and giving. However I’m reflecting on that day even more since my grandpa is also not getting any younger, and I’m old enough to understand how much they mean to me. Even though I never plan on becoming a father or having kids, Father’s Day is important to all of us with dear old dads. And to those who sadly don’t have a father in their life for whatever reason.