Wrong Answer!

Now unless its a matter of life and death or important national security, I wonder why people are so afraid of being wrong. I’ve never had that problem-throughout school I’d raise my hand and say the answer knowing that the teacher might tell me otherwise. So many students were fearful of speaking up, knowing if they didn’t have the correct answer memorized they would be made fun of, or something. I don’t get that. Unless you are the perfect being (God, Allah, whatever) there is no way in hell you are going to be right all the time. Anyways being wrong sometimes is refreshing to me for several reasons.

First off its rather humbling. Arrogance should always be checked, and not mistaken for confidence. They are two different things. When you discover someone fact checking you it makes you think that perhaps you do not know all of the answers. This is called growing up. Sometimes that hurts, and you have to deal with it. That’s also called life. Life hurts and can be awful here and there.

Secondly when you do make a mistake you realize that mistake and think of ways to correct it. Well I hope you do-I learned from my mistakes too late. Really being wrong makes you realize that you were wrong, and that hopefully its not too late to find a way to be right so that you can fix what the problem is. If not, well you might be in serious trouble. Whoops.

Lastly, sports pundits, national security analysts, the president even….they are all wrong from time to time. And yet we jump all over them, not focusing on the periods when they are actually right about something and have a valid point. Being wrong has become seen as this disease, and maybe I’m wrong about the word wrong being seen by the entire world as poison. I’m honestly not sure if I’m right or wrong about that, however what’s best about opinions is that they can’t be right or wrong. Thank God for that.


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