I’m mostly posting this to celebrate finally reaching 1,000 views for this blog. That’s nice. Yet the fact that we often place so much importance on hitting a certain goal or moment in time is a little curious. We hold big celebrations for 50th birthdays or 50th anniversaries, noting that its such a long time and that its certainly viewed as passing a threshold into a new era. Or something like that…I know that people dread hitting 30, heh, so maybe there are milestones we are not particular fans of. Some milestones are quite tragic, such as recalling how many years its been since September 11 or Pearl Harbor happened. Regardless marking a certain period in time is something we’ll continue to do, one way or another. Especially when it comes to the Internet. I remember when on Rotten Tomatoes’ message boards cracking 10k or 20k was a big deal. Wait it still kind of is, I suppose….

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