The 19th Hole

This week is the US Open, my all time favorite golf major. Depending on which course its played on and the weather conditions, the Open can either be the easiest major of the year for golfers one of the toughest. I love how sometimes it rewards playing it safe golfers while often giving license to the players not afraid to gamble in an attempt to win that shinny trophy and the huge check that accompanies it. Even though I never get to watch all of the US Open (I do work Thursdays heh) I still try and tune in for Saturday and Sunday, where the pretenders and contenders are separated.

This makes me want to get out and actually start golfing again, even though I have neither the time nor the money to do so currently. Regardless I’m tempted anyways, as I’ve always loved golf and that love of the game was given to me by my grandfather and dad, both who have done plenty of golfing in their lifetime. Makes me think of a sign I saw at a country club: “I spent most of my life playing golf. The rest of it I’ve just wasted.” Nice.


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