11.    Zombieland (2009, Ruben Fleischer)

Look I am well aware that a few scenes aside this movie isn’t even remotely scary, and that are more entertaining and better zombie films out there. Yet Zombieland makes the list because I loved watching it in theaters, and because its a really well made zombie comedy with a great cast and plenty of gory fun moments. Woody Harrelson takes this movie over and is its best character, slaughtering hapless zombies with reckless abandon while a before The Social Network Jessie Eisenberg has a solid voice over narration with some good jokes sprinkled in that doesn’t managed to be annoying. We all like to think we would be Tallahassee in the Zombie Apocalypse, but most of us would be Columbus instead. That’s not a bad thing since Columbus slowly evolves into a likable human being actually capable of dealing with existing in a world gone horribly sour-a place where one wrong move results in a hungry formally human monster devouring your flesh. Oh and I loved the opening scene of the film followed by the Metallica scored credits, mostly due to it being hilarious but also surprisingly creepy.

Having Columbus keep a series of rules to surviving the end of human civilization is one of the movie’s best running jokes, and the film even sees him adding new ones. Too bad they didn’t have time to go through all of them, although maybe they were planning to save some for the sequel that has sadly not materialized yet. For the record I had only heard of Emma Stone at the time of this movie’s release, but I didn’t realize she had a natural gift for comedy in addition to being rather beautiful. I should view more of her movies. Everyone gear up for a trip to Pacific Playland. And don’t forget to double tap.