Let’s All Go To The Movies

Honestly I just wanted an excuse to post one of the funniest, most awesome things I’ve ever witnessed in a movie theater. I’m currently reflecting on why we still go to the movies, and I struggled to come up with 5 reasons. Meanwhile coming up with at least 12, maybe even more, reasons not to go to the movies was rather easy. This is a sad development, because I’ve had some great times going to the cinema, yet perhaps its just a reflection of changing times.

After all video rental stores are going out of business, Blu Ray has practically replaced DVD (sorry old timers VHS is dead-and long live Laser Disc heh) and you can purchase a pretty decent home theater system that won’t bankrupt your budget. Don’t tell me that the mystical and magical “Experience” is why we go to the movies as that’s a rather generic and corny answer.

No, I think we still go largely to avoid spoilers on the Internet. Well that and for the fun of going to a movie in a darkened room with friends or family. Driving to the theater has always felt like an epic journey to me, even though its not that long of a distance and I’ve been there a million times. Yet I can’t help but feel that if I live to be an old man, I’ll tell my two sister’s kids about what it was like to go to the movies before everyone had them plugged into their brains.

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