Why Look Back When You Can Look Forward?

Look I’m guilty of indulging thoughts of nostalgia just as much as the next person. Currently I am following a “Fuck Yeah 90s” tumblr and over the past year I’ve viewed Nick’s late night airing of some of their classic kids shows. The fact that Netflix Instant Viewing is featuring shows such as Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, and Powerpuff Girls-shows that I grew up on-is enough to make me excited to revisit the past. At the same time however nostalgia seems to be rather dangerous to me in certain ways. Especially considering that a a large chunk of rich white males probably long for the good old days when women were second class citizens, gays stayed hidden, and minorities didn’t have a say in anything. Just keep that in mind, folks.

Really though nostalgia clouds the past all too well, making the so called good old days seem better than they really were. Wait no the 1990s really were awesome, and I had a good time as a kid, and the shows were great, and…..stop. Look was that a fun decade? Yes. However we have Netflix, more powerful gaming systems, better picture quality, cheaper electronics (and bigger TVs) and the shows are just as good as they were back then, maybe even better. Have the movies gotten worse? Eh its always been a wash-you are likely to find as many awful movies in any given year as you are likely to find good ones. From my experience the majority of film offerings in any year are mostly mediocre, with the awful and the great ones being the outliers, the ones we are more likely to remember instead of the “Meh” films. Let’s be honest too folks: most of the time our politicians suck. Was Bill Clinton great? Not if you were on welfare (he kicked many people off the rolls), or a homosexual in the military. Not to mention some of the awful people he pardoned at the end of his term…but hey the economy was good, right? Yeah. But the economy could be good again, and soon. Unemployment recently went down actually.

Even worse though is that longing for the past good times prevents people from moving forward. Its nice to share glory day stories, but its even better to go out and make some new great memories. Unless of course you are really old, in which case then sure all you have is your memories. But that doesn’t mean you should engage heavily in nostalgia even then. Its always best to try and make the most of the time you have now, and find something new to fall in love with. I think we as a people should move forward, or maybe even sideways, or via the crab walk. Hey at least there’s some hope in new progress. Maybe. Now if you excuse me I have to continue going back through The X-Files. On Netflix Instant Viewing. I’m on Season 6….


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