A Violent Act Committed by a Terrible Person or Persons Unknown

One’s reaction to the horrible Boston attacks committed merely days ago would be to argue that no where is truly safe. But then again maybe that was the point of whoever was behind this terrible act of terrorism-and other word to call it-to strike fear into the hearts of many. If you want to be paranoid your entire life than yes allow the actions of crazy people to dictate where you go. Myself I choose to not live in fear, and I suggest everyone else do the same. That’s not to say that being prepared is a bad thing, so long as you don’t go overboard: knowing safety exits, having certain supplies handy, and being aware of your surroundings is all a good idea. However if one is to enjoy life, then you cannot be afraid to go out and experience all that life has to offer.

Terrorism will always exist-hence the reason the “War On Terror” is incredibly silly and shortsighted, only responding to threats without figuring out the causes and trying to solve the problem by attacking the root and the source instead of killing innocent people in drone attacks. Maybe this recent crime of murder and horror committed against Americans can shift our notions of accepting foreign bombings overseas and being unaware of the violence wrecked by our own government on others. Its rather different when bloodshed and death is at home, able to be viewed on TV or in person, and you realize that this is what some people overseas go through everyday.

Yes I hope they catch those responsible, and for now I think it was the work of asshole extremists, attacking for whatever insane political reasons they have going on in their heads. Hopefully this is not the work of a foreign citizen, simply due to political implications but also because I’m tired of the media not treating American citizens who commit acts of terrorism as extremists instead of what they are: terrorists. Terrorism is murder and acts of aggression wielded against innocent people and those unable to defend themselves for political reasons, and that’s what the Boston attack was.

Also my prays and thoughts are with the victims and their families. Its really sad that what was supposed to be a proud day was instead tarnished by someone or some group hellbent on harming people enjoying the freedoms of this great nation.

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