Late At Night…

I think I’m becoming an insomniac, I swear. Many nights over the past two years I have spent awake late into the evening, the evening becoming morning and the dawn arising as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds and the darkness slowly fades away. Often night time has been where I’ve done some of my best work, or at least penned articles, sometimes fueled by beer yet mostly driven by the inability to properly rest. If I didn’t sleep at all I would have probably visited a doctor by now, however not being able to get to sleep at proper times is just as harmful and often dangerous.

Still there is a certain appeal I find the nightlife, in being awake while others slumber and dream of things happy and nightmarish. Maybe its the bright neon lights of the city, the different smells of downtown filtering through my nostrils, the random sounds of the people who are out having fun elsewhere. One day I will have to get a daytime job and then I will only be able to stay up late on the weekends, a prospect that bores me already. Until then though since I work late and hate mornings the night will continue to beckon, one way or another….


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