Two Thumbs Up

Back when I was a kid, I just saw movies from a simplistic viewpoint. After reading one of Roger Ebert’s reviews however, I thought that there may be more to cinema and that I should experience it fully. Over the years I read Roger Ebert’s reviews, always looking forward to his thoughts on the latest weekend releases. I even tuned into the show at times, enjoying Ebert and his friend and co-host Gene Siskel either arguing over a flick or agreeing that it was worthy of my time and money. As I grew older, I checked out some of Roger Ebert’s books. I still have my copies of “I Hated, I Hated, I Hated This Movie” and “Your Movie Sucks,” and I’ve read some of his other books as well. So when I learned that Roger Ebert had passed away at the age of 70, I was really depressed. Cancer had taken another awesome person from the world, depriving us of a man who had given so much to film criticism.

Even when I didn’t agree with Ebert’s opinions (and there were more times than you would think) I still wanted to read what he had to say about any given movie. I still have his website bookmarked, and I was actually hoping to meet him one day and maybe even talk film with him, or just tell him how much he had impacted my life. After all because of Roger Ebert I am a writer-sure I don’t get paid, and I never achieved my dream of being a movie critic just like him-but its still an engaging and worthy hobby of mine. The world is lesser without Mr. Ebert, however the man did leave behind his epic amount of writings, essays on great movies, reviews, political opinions, and other bits of wisdom for us to savor. Godspeed good sir, and thanks for all the memories.


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