Musings About *Gasp!* Religion and Politics

There are two things you try to avoid discussing while drinking: religion and politics. Especially since the two seem to go hand in hand these days thanks to the right wing and the GOP. Keeping them separate would be nice, but its rather impossible. I’ve only made a few local politics oriented posts on this blog, so perhaps diving into both topics and my views on them would be something worth writing about. Maybe. I’m reminded of the great Orson Welles quote: “I don’t pray because I don’t want to bore God.” Too bad I don’t have anything that good in this article.

My parents brought me up as Lutheran Christian and they have always been fairly religious. I went to church every Sunday up until high school, when I started to trail off and become more inconsistent. Where as I was once fairly socially conservative college and my life experiences have resulted in me now being quite socially liberal. I oppose the drug war, feel that I have no business being against abortion (it should be a personal matter-the government should butt out) and I’m fully for gay rights. I realized early on in college that it was silly for me to be against gay rights and gay marriage because I didn’t have a proper reason for it to be illegal, and that it was in fact discrimination. I took a similar path to realizing this that President Obama took, and it wasn’t as easy as people think. Its difficult to come out in favor of something that your own religion classifies as a sin and which is heavily opposed to.

Still I believe in God and Jesus, even though I’m not as certain about anything religious anymore. When I was younger I thought heaven had to exist for sure, now I’ll admit I have no idea if it does or not. Hell almost seems like an abstract concept, devised by Dante and religious authority figures to scare the shit out of people. If it exists I imagine its worse than anything we could ever think of, but I’m not going to let some imaginary place dictate me living my life any different. And I’ll admit that its really easy to be an atheist these days-but agnostics annoy me. Either you think there is a God, Allah, Spaghetti Monster, or whatever, or you don’t believe an imaginary man in the sky exists. Sure the agnostic position has been argued for in many an intelligent writing, but it seems to me that most who hold such a view either have not thought it through enough or they are content to be fence sittings. That’s fine, although its really quite boring.

Politics is another story altogether. My dad’s side of the family is super Republican, where as my mom’s side does lean GOP but is more “Anti-stupidity,” which is what I often go with these days. I’ve gone from being a hardcore right winger to what I am nowadays, which is a centralist who leans towards the left simply because the right is awful at the moment. I will always be a moderate in either party, as I do hold some conservative positions-less taxes, cutting spending, pro-gun-yet also being as noted earlier, socially liberal. So I’m a man without a party, because both sides have gone so much to the extremes of either side that they hardly resemble anything worthy of voting for. I pick and choose the candidates worthy of my support, however I abandoned Obama after he had become so right wing on foreign policy that I was completely disgusted with his presidency.

I will admit that I have yet to vote for a Republican for president, although I did support Ron Paul in 2012 and then voted libertarian this past election. The Libertarian Party has some notably extreme economic positions, however they and the Green Party are the most honest parties in this country, which is why they never succeed in getting people elected. You have to lie to achieve office in this country apparently, although that’s always been the case since time immortal. Winston Churchill said it best: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” I think there is some truth to that.

So there you have it: the abridged version of my views on two hot buttoned topics. If you have any questions on further opinions, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Or don’t-its a free country, after all.


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