Three Years. Whoa.

So WordPress just told me I’ve been registered on this site for three years. It all started back in 2011, when I signed up for this blog as a side project in addition to another Google blog I had been regularly using. At one point the only post I had made was about the movie Drive (2011), which is one of my favorite modern movies, a review created shortly after having viewed it in theaters.

After using the other blog for a number of years, I remembered that I had this WordPress blog still up, but not running. Having grown tired of the old one, I decided to clean out this blog-which at the time had been used mostly for random Top 10 lists-and turn it into the blog that it currently is now. Since I’ve had way more followers with this one and more views, I think I made the right choice.

Eventually at some point I will grow tired of this blog, and create another one-yet I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Three years will eventually become five, and then ten, and then….we’ll see. Its cool that I got a notice telling me of the anniversary, and I’m celebrating it with a blog post. Hurray.


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