Five Animated Shorts, Only One Oscar

Link to all of them can be found here:

Adam and Dog, directed by Minkyu Lee is a simple tale of a dog who encounters the first man: Adam. They bound together, exploring what one can assume is the Garden of Eden, basking in its wonders and joys. Eve, the first woman, comes between them, yet what this short teaches is that a dog’s bond is strong. The ending actually brought me to tears, and since I’m a gigantic dog lover I really found this one to be wonderfully emotional. Plus the animation really is stunning. Just watch the scene where the dog wanders into an open field and bask in all its fluid glory. 9.5/10


Fresh Guacamole by PES has some cool moments, but its way too short to have any real impact on the viewer. Its visual tricks are neat, sure, however I was left cold and a little bored. Still I give the film marks for not overdoing its subject matter, which was clearly not long enough for anything over two minutes. 6.5/10


Head Over Heels, directed by Timothy Reckart & Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly uses puppets to illustrate a relationship that has grown tired and sour. At first I wasn’t engaged until midway through, when a fight and turmoil lead to a magical understanding. I love how basic and yet detailed this short’s animation is, and I imagine this is the one that will probably get Oscar voters’ attentions the most. 9/10


Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare, directed by David Siverman displays the still relatively sharp and wiry humor that the show is known for. Set in “Ann Rand’s School for Babies” we get Maggie battling her arch nemesis to save a hapless butterfly. Entertaining and even a tad suspenseful, I liked how clever this short was. 8.5/10


Paperman directed by John Kahrs showcases Disney at its best: full of heart and soul, humorous without being too cloy or annoying. While some of this short dragged, I still like its depiction of young love and of a man willing to follow his heart. 8/10

All of the shorts had really great animation, but my pick to win is Adam and Dog. However I think that Head Over Heels will probably win.

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