90s TV Redux

90s TV Redux

Tonight I started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix Instant Viewing. I’m on the third episode so far, and its a rather captivating and engaging series, all centered around a murder mystery that is already proving to be strange in the classic David Lynch tradition. The show also features multiple aspects of Lynch’s themes, and was a clear springboard for later Lynch movies, especially Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive, two of his best films.

Agent Cooper is a fascinating character, and he came around roughly at the same time as Agent Mulder did on The X-Files. Neither are same, for Cooper is more precise, smooth in his movements, certain in his habits and eccentricities. Where as Mulder is heavily driven by passion and on a singular mission-its these differing qualities that make both interesting. The show’s opening titles fit in remarkably well with Lynch, for they are creepy yet peaceful, depicting small town Americana (with a heavy 50s twist, of course) yet hinting at the darkness lurking just below the surface.

I’m suddenly reminded of how much Roger Ebert missed the mark when he reviewed Blue Velvet. Then again many critics have misread Lynch at times, especially since so many of them bashed Lost Highway when its a truly amazing film. I look forward to completing Twin Peaks and then viewing the movie Fire Walk With Me, for Lynch is a remarkable director who a clear vision.


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