A Library Card Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Today I decided to log into my library account because I wanted to place two CD’s by XX on hold, in addition to James Dean’s 1955 classic Rebel Without A Cause (which I still need to see). I actually realized that aside from the 2.75 fine I still need to pay (stemming from about 7 movies I checked out a couple months back, heh) I miss going to my public library. There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t made a return trip, in addition to defaulting on paying up (hey now I will-I’ve got the money….)

Primarily the fact that I work on days when the library is open at its peak hours (9 am to 9 pm). I like to have at least 1-3 hours to aimlessly wander around, plus check out whatever it is I’m thinking of renting-be it a movie, a CD, or even a book. Yes I’m aware that its strange I don’t use a library primarily for reading; however these days I take too damn long to read books, and therefore do not want to ring up large fines in the process. The other huge problem is that the library is all the way on the other side of town, where as before the Flood of 2008 devastated my hometown of Cedar Rapids, wiping out the great public library building that was near 1st street (the building survived, but the interiors were completely ruined) I haven’t gone to the branch in the Westdale Mall very much. At least not as much as I used to when I had more free time to do so, either.

Regardless I plan on making at least one trip over there this week since I have some time off, as I should. Public libraries are a nice resource even in this digital age, and there remains a bit of magic in looking through the bookshelves for something you haven’t experienced before. The misty smell takes a while to get used to, sure, yet I wouldn’t trade it in at all. And of course the free stuff is a bonus, naturally.


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