A New Beginning

This isn’t about the New Year, but rather about the fact that I recently was able to get a new car. Its a 2000 Saturn SL2, and it runs well enough although the CD player got fucked up a couple days ago. Still it runs and that’s all that matters. Pictures to be posted later when I actually find the cord to hook my camera up to my laptop. Needless to say having a new ride means that I’ll actually try to keep it clean this time around (so far a success) and also own a vehicle that has a front bumper. Even though this car doesn’t have power locks except for the front, which I’m fine with. One day I’ll own a car that’s actually really new and has amazing features, but for now I’m fine driving something almost two decades old that gets me where I need to/want to go. Having to bum rides is really shitty, and cable fares are too expensive. I doubt I’ll ever live in a city with halfway decent public transportation so here I am, stuck driving one car after another and hoping this one lasts me just as long or longer than the previous one did.


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