When There Is No More Room In The Store, The Shoppers Will Walk The Mini Mall

Today I was reminded why you should get your X-Mas shopping done in October. Or November. But for God’s sake, not in December, and certainly not two or three days before the actual holiday. Which is what I did today, flying from one store to another and dealing with massive lines, uncaring employees (Target’s was actually helpful, Best Buy’s not so much) and endless amounts of traffic. Even though I was able to get everything done in roughly two hours, the hassle is not worth one’s sanity. Commercialism ran amok today in all its unfiltered glory, which is why the last half of the holidays is insanity wrapped up neatly in madness. I don’t recommend anyone going out there the last day before X-Mas, something I have also done and which I regretted almost immediately when I made it to the first store.

I would feel sorry for the employees who have to deal with the dark side of X-Mas, and yet I’m reminded that most of them get holiday pay. To those of you who don’t, I actually pity you and advise that you seek employment somewhere else. Anywhere else. No one should have to deal with numerous customers while not being properly compensated for their hours of toiling and labor. And people wonder why the hell I can’t wait for it to be January already.

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