Politics Lies, But Bullets Do Not

Politics Lies, But Bullets Do Not

Le Professionnel is a badass movie with a great Morricone score and a fantastic lead performance by Jean-Paul Belmondo as Beaumont who is a secret service agent betrayed by the French Secret Service. How he gets his revenge is done in a stylized and amazingly entertaining fashion, and the movie deals also in politics. Beaumont no longer seeks justice nor does he care about belief systems and ideals, for a man who has been left for dead by his own government turns to cynicism. Thus he wages his own war this time against the corrupt forces that got him imprisoned in an African hell hole in the first place.

What I love most about this movie is how The Bourne Identity was clearly influenced by it, and how despite being made in 1981 its more in tune with the classic 60s and 70s action thrillers. There is a perfectly staged car chase, and the violence does become the movies main focus, as the action scenes happen only periodically and thus maintain a greater effect as a result. Despite not being more intelligent, a knock against so many thrillers, this is a great inspired type Bond flick, the French putting forth their own unstoppable secret agent man.


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