Car’s Dead, Baby. Car’s Dead

Right now my car is sitting in a parking lot, and it won’t start. The headlights work, the CD player works, and yet it refuses to start. The battery is not dead. So its a mystery, and with my luck this is the second car I’ve owned where the starter has gone out. That’s a possibility. I don’t even want to think about how much it will cost in repairs and labor, or the fact that I’m forced to drive my dad’s truck for the next couple of days. All I want is my piece of shit 1997 Nissen Sentra to work again.

You see, I live in a small city in Iowa, one with awful public transportation. You need a car to get around, unless you want to suffer through a bus ride or shill out money for a cab ride. That’s rather problematic for those who do not drive, or someone like me who’s car decides to fail the day before work.

Although I’m lucky this time around in that I have a second option, its quite frustrating when you don’t have a reliable vehicle. Not to mention there are a million other things wrong with my crappy ride that I don’t want to mention. Car repair is a racket in this country, and maybe one day we’ll all have those sweet flying cars such as the ones in Back to the Future II. That would be nice.

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